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                    PH: 408.205.4759


ADVANCED ENERGY - DC & RF Power Supplies

DC Supplies for Magnetron Sputtering and Ion Source Applications

RF Generators/Tuning Networks-Mid Frequency to 13.56MHz
ICP and Ion Beam Sources
  ANDERSON DAHLEN - Custom Vacuum Chambers
Custom Chambers up to 20’ length (14’ diameter)
Typical Vacuum Range:1x10-3 - 1x10-13 Torr (XHV projects alsoavailable)
In-house Cutting, Rolling, Machining, Welding and Finishing
Stainless Steel, Aluminum, & Mild Steel (exotic materials alsdo available)
Project Management and Custom System Integration Experts
  ANCORP - HIGH & UHV Vacuum Componets
ISO-KF, QF, ASA and CF Flanges, Fittings, and Valves
All Metal Seal (UHV), Quick Clamp Flange and Fittings
Custom Flanges and Chamber Fabrications
  DELCOM - Non-contact Sheet Resistance Meter
Measure Sheet Resistance, Thickness, and Resistivity
For Glass, Wafers, Film, Roll to Roll, PV, etc.
Non-destructive, penetrates insulation, real-time
Benchtop and Inline Solutions
  DOUGLAS ELECTRICAL - Expoxy Feedthroughs
Vacuum and Pressure
Standard and Custom
Cables and connectors, including both stranded and solid conductors
Coaxial, fiber optics and virtually any connectors available
  EDWARDS VACUUM - Vacuum Pumps
Rotary Vane, Scroll, and Dry Rough Pumps
Conventional & MAGLEV Turbo Pumps
Vacuum Gauging
Custom Pumping Systems

  HIDEN ANALYTICAL RGA & Plasma Diagnostics
Open and Closed Source RGA 50amu Thru 2500amu
Plasma Monitoring and Characterization
Ion Milling End Point Detectors
  KAUFMAN & ROBINSON - Ion & Plasma Sources
Grid-less low energy, high current sources
Gridded RFICP & Kaufman DC sources
Ion / Plasma source power supplies and controllers
  KLA - Profilers & Stress Measurement
Contact & Non-Contact Surface Profilers for Thin Film and Precision Surfaces
Step Height, Roughness, and Waviness Measurements

2D and 3D Profile Scans

  MEIVAC – Thin Film Vacuum Products
eVap Thin Film Products
MAK Magnetron Sputter Sources
Substrate Heaters - Up to 950C
Vari-Q Throttle Valves
  MPF PRODUCTS - Ceramic Feedthroughs

  ULVAC - Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
Quick thickness measurement speed
Low cost of ownership
Compact design
User friendly operation, software, and maintenance


VACGEN - Manipulators & Vacuum Components
High Precision XYZ Manipulation
Rotary/Linear Drives & Linear Shifts
Transfer & Transport Devices
Sample Holders & Heating/Cooling Controllers

  VAT - Vacuum Valves & Edge-Welded Bellows
HV & UHV Gate & Angle Valves
All Metal Gate & Angle Valves
Control Valves, Transfer Valves, Variable Leak Valves
Large gate and transfer valves
Edge-Welded Bellows