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ADVANCED ENERGY - DC & RF Power Supplies

DC Supplies for Magnetron Sputtering and Ion Source Applications

RF Generators/Tuning Networks-Mid Frequency to 13.56MHz
ICP and Ion Beam Sources
  ANDERSON DAHLEN - Custom Vaccum Chambers
Custom Chambers up to 20’ length (14’ diameter)
Typical Vacuum Range:1x10-3 - 1x10-13 Torr (XHV projects alsoavailable)
In-house Cutting, Rolling, Machining, Welding and Finishing
Stainless Steel, Aluminum, & Mild Steel (exotic materials alsdo available)
Project Management and Custom System Integration Experts
  ANCORP - HIGH & UHV Vacuum Componets
ISO-KF, QF, ASA and CF Flanges, Fittings, and Valves
All Metal Seal (UHV), Quick Clamp Flange and Fittings
Custom Flanges and Chamber Fabrications
  BEACON MEDAES - Gas Delivery Systems
Lab Air & Lab Vacuum Systems
Gas Generators
High Purity Manifolds and Gas Delivery Equipment
Vacuum Jacketed Piping for Cryogenic Applications
  DOUGLAS ELECTRICAL - Epoxy Feedthroughs
Vacuum and Pressure
Standard and Custom
Cables and connectors, including both stranded and solid conductors
Coaxial, fiber optics and virtually any connectors available

Rotary Vane, Scroll, and Dry Rough Pumps
Conventional & MAGLEV Turbo Pumps
Vacuum Gauging
Custom Pumping Systems

  HIDEN ANALYTICAL RGA & Plasma Diagnostics
Open and Closed Source RGA 50amu Thru 2500amu
Plasma Monitoring and Characterization
Ion Milling End Point Detectors
  MEIVAC – Thin Film Vacuum Products
eVap Thin Film Products
MAK Magnetron Sputter Sources
Substrate Heaters - Up to 950C
Vari-Q Throttle Valves
  MPF PRODUCTS - Ceramic Feedthroughs
  NUANCE SYSTEMS - Gas/Chemical Delivery Systems
Bubblers/Cylinders, electro-pnuematic systems
Gas/vacuum line fabrication in cleanroom environments. CAD Services.
Gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes, pigtail spares, orbital                         welding.

  VAT - Vacuum Valves & Edge-Welded Bellows
HV & UHV Gate & Angle Valves
All Metal Gate & Angle Valves
Control Valves, Transfer Valves, Variable Leak Valves
Large gate and transfer valves
Edge-Welded Bellows

VACGEN - Manipulators & Vacuum Components
High Precision XYZ Manipulation
All Metal Angle/Inline & Leak Valves
Rotary/Linear Drives & Linear Shifts
Transfer & Transport Devices